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The 2023 Virginia General Assembly session will begin on January 11, and continue until mid-February. Here you can read the bills that are proposed.

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Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe of Virginia; General Assembly to extend state recognition.
Kim Taylor writes: The so called Wolf Creek Cherokee is not legitimate due to the fact they use other recognized tribes history as their own, they claim artifacts found on an individual’s personal property as Cherokee when in fact they are Pamunkey artifacts. Individual moved the museum from Southwest Virginia to Varina, the Recognized tribes of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and the Eastern Band of Cherokee in North Carolina do not recognize them as a tribe. Media reports, articles only report they do not investigate, verify claims of facts. Organizations, businesses, state and even federal agencies do not verify their claims of being a Native American tribe due to ignorance or just not wanting to confront the so called tribe’s legitimacy. DNA results didn’t confirm ancestry with Cherokee. There is a Commission that verifies claims of Native American tribes in Virginia. Let the Commission do its job. People that sponsor this bill don’t have the knowledge to sponsor such a bill, it’s been an issue for years and it needs to stop.
Public school students; self-identification as gender other than biological sex, parental contact.
Christine Edwards writes: This is one of many bills circulating right now by right-wingers to make life for transgender kids even harder than it has been. There is no need for it other than the “need” for politicians to play to the backlash from those who hate and fear differences. Shame on you, “Virginia is for haters”!
Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe of Virginia; General Assembly to extend state recognition.
Family writes: Our family is not Native American. This began with the advent of the Internet and fictional stories.
Petition for modification of sentence; eligibility, procedures.
Camille Clifford writes: I support this bill. My fiance has been incarcerated for 17 plus year for a mistake he made when he was 19. Today he has completed many career development classes, obtained his GED, took college course for graphics design and on the way to his Associates Degree. He has tutored other inmates to help them to achieve goals and aspirations; I can go on. The point is people are not perfect....they make mistakes and they can change. "Everyone deserves a 2nd chance!"
Petition for modification of sentence; eligibility, procedures.
Derrick Majette jr writes: I support this bill it's a common sense bill it will coast the tax payer less.u are housing people that have been incarcerated for 15an20or more years people are not the same person at45 years of age that they was at 19 years of age the think that it's unfair you have people that been locked up for over 25 years an have not kill a sole.we have to do better when it comes rehabilitation.we Lock up and literally through away the key .
Adult protective services; referrals to local law enforcement.
Asma writes: Virginia should have laws against identification theft especially of the vulnerable clients, disabled ones too.