Commemorating the 40th anniversary of Secretariat's Triple Crown triumph. (HJ561)

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Del. John A. Cox (R-Ashland) with support from co-patron Del. Margaret Ransone (R-Kinsale)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate


Commemorating the 40th anniversary of Secretariat's Triple Crown triumph. Read the Bill »


02/19/2013: Passed the Senate


12/03/2012Prefiled and laid on Speaker's table; offered 01/09/13 13101804D
01/02/2013Introduced bill reprinted 13101804D
01/11/2013Engrossed by House
01/11/2013Agreed to by House by voice vote
01/14/2013Reading waived
01/14/2013Referred to Committee on Rules
02/14/2013Reported from Rules
02/18/2013Reading waived (40-Y 0-N) (see vote tally)
02/19/2013Agreed to by Senate by voice vote
02/19/2013Bill text as passed House and Senate (HJ561ER)


This bill mentions Doswell, Caroline.


Evan Bass writes:

Simply put, there is no greater inspirational hero than Secretariat.

I can personally speak to the fact that Secretariat's determination, resolve and will to win has helped inspired me to lose over 120 pounds, finish first in my age group in a 5K race, beat 83 percent of my age group in a marathon, and present FREE weight loss seminars in which the story of what he accomplished is featured prominently.

The lesson of Secretariat is one that proves there are no limits to what we can accomplish. No limits - ever.

With Secretariat's motivational message fueling my seminars, I have been able to inspire people to make healthy changes in their lives to lose weight that they could not lose before, and take on new challenges the way he did - blasting full steam ahead, with no fear, and no doubt that nothing could stop him.

Secretariat's spirit lives on in all of us, in anybody who refuses to let others tell them what they can't do, who believes in the power of themselves. He showed us all that anything is possible, and we should never, ever forget him.

Leeanne Meadows Ladin writes:

As the co-author of "Secretariat's Meadow - The Land, The Family, The Legend" and the event director for the Secretariat Birthday Celebration at The Meadow on March 29-30, I strongly support this resolution. While Secretariat's fame as "America's Super Horse" far exceeded our state's borders, Virginia and specifically The Meadow in Caroline County, possesses the singular distinction of being his birthplace and the site where he was raised and first trained.

At The Meadow, Secretariat entered the world shortly after midnight on March 30, 1970, as the farm manager exclaimed, "Now there's a whopper!" The red colt first romped in the lush pastures of the Cove near the North Anna River. He next occupied a special stall at the yearling barn. Later his groom walked him across Rt. 30 with the other colts to The Meadow training center. There he first tasted a bit in his mouth and felt the weight of a saddle and rider on his back. On the loamy mile-long track designed by Meadow Stable founder Christopher T. Chenery, Secretariat took his first strides toward becoming a racehorse. At The Meadow, the foundation was laid for a legend.

And what a legend! Under Penny Chenery's management, Secretariat, in 1973, became the first horse since 1948 to win the Triple Crown. Of the 11 Triple Crown winners in history, he was the only one to shatter all three track records. He was named Champion 2 Year-old and Horse of the Year in 1972; Champion 3 year-old, Champion Turf Horse and Horse of the Year in 1973. Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated all featured him on their covers. Later he was voted as one of the Top 50 Athletes of the 20th century...the only four-legged one. In 2010, the popular Disney film "Secretariat" created a whole new generation of fans for "Big Red," adding to the legions who have loved him for decades.

The legend lives on, undiminished by time. Indeed it's more vibrant than ever. One key reason is Penny Chenery, "the First Lady of Racing," almost 91 and still her stallion's greatest ambassador. The legend also lives on through Secretariat's descendants, stars such as A.P Indy, Storm Cat, Gone West and their progeny who continue to dominate on the racetrack. The legend lives on at The Meadow, where Secretariat's foaling shed and other historic barns have been preserved and where we offer narrated tours and are developing other programs to showcase the farm's important heritage.

We are most grateful to Caroline County for introducing this resolution recognizing Secretariat's place in history and ties to Virginia. Penny Chenery is scheduled to attend the Secretariat Birthday Celebration at The Meadow on March 29-30. We look forward to seeing a copy of this resolution presented to her in person.

Theresa LaFata-White writes:

As a lifelong admirer of Secretariat, I believe he has brought glory to the Commonwealth of Virginia.
He is a hero to so many, and such a wonderful representative of not only Thoroughbreds, but our way of life.

Margo Gulbranson writes:

In review of the proposed HJ561, on behalf of the commemorative 40th anniversary of Secretariat's Triple Crown victory, I commend all who have participated in this process! The resolution is a natural and important step in maintaining the legacy of Secretariat and the historical value this horse represents for the Commonwealth of Virginia!

Decades later, Secretariat continues to resonate in the hearts of the people all across our land, and that alone shoud be enough evidence for such a grand and honorable document for 2013! I am one, of thousands of fans, who are tightly woven into the legendary Secretariat... the horse is an icon for Virginia, an example of strength, determination and victory in the sport of kings.

I do not reside in Virginia, but my voice speaks from the outside looking in... without further ado, the resolution is brilliant, and should be passed!

Mark C writes:


You must kidding ...playing around ...pulling my leg.

This is not important enough for a state resolution. Not even close.

Waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!