Abortion; removes requirement that a woman undergo transabdominal ultrasound prior to procedure. (SB1082)

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Sen. Ralph Northam (D-Norfolk) with support from co-patron Sen. Barbara Favola (D-Arlington)


Passed Committee
Passed House
Passed Senate
Signed by Governor
Became Law


Ultrasound prior to abortion. Removes the requirement that a woman undergo a transabdominal ultrasound prior to an abortion. Read the Bill »


01/17/2013: Failed to Pass in Committee


01/09/2013Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/09/13 13102221D
01/09/2013Referred to Committee on Education and Health
01/15/2013Impact statement from DPB (SB1082)
01/17/2013Passed by indefinitely in Education and Health (8-Y 7-N) (see vote tally)

Duplicate Bills

The following bills are identical to this one: HB1560.


Chelsea Clifford writes:

Yes! Yes! Yes! Wasting money on a forced, unnecessary medical procedure is a practice that should be abhorrent to both parties. Let's show that there's some logic left in our state.

Lakeside Muff writes:

According to Jimmie Massie Delegate for 72nd district, the ultrasound was already SOP for planned parenthood to determine the stage of pregnancy, has to b less than 23rd week or abortion is not legal in VA. He stated the media is not a good source of info, as they are in existence to make money thru advertising; so the sex, violence & scandal splashed thru out the media is intentional to stir up more interest leading to mo money. He further claimed in a phone town hall meeting on 1/15/2013 that the bill passed last year merely codified what was already done B4 an abortion could b performed. If the jelly on the belly ultrasound wasn't enuff to determine status of the fetus, THEN the more invasive vaginal ultrasound is done. SO the media was all fired up to stir things up to make $$. Is this true??? [email protected]

ACLU-VA Women's Rights and Reproductive Freedom, tracking this bill in Photosynthesis, notes:

The ACLU of Virginia supports this bill because it seeks to repeal the law passed in 2012 requiring that a woman undergo a transabdominal ultrasound prior to an abortion. Health care decisions are best made by individuals and their medical providers, not politicians. Patients should not be forced to undergo any procedure against their will or better judgment. Mandatory ultrasound puts
government into the examination room and lets politics come between a woman and her physician; curtails a woman’s constitutional rights to privacy and liberty by subjecting her to possibly unwanted and unnecessary medical procedures; place undue burdens on women seeking legal and safe abortion care; and is simply a delay tactic that imposes additional costs and prolongs a woman’s access to her abortion.

Ellen Carlson writes:

I support this bill. The state has NO business mandating medical procedures for either men or women. Last time they did that, they were sterilizing downs syndrome women. This is such an astonishing invasion of a person's 'personhood.' Funny how folks will die to keep their guns but don't think twice about such an invasion of one's fundamental rights . . .

Diane L writes:

I OPPOSE this bill. Silly how people scream but do not realize that almost all abortions over a few weeks in gestation use this type of transabdominal ultrasound prior to an abortion already!

sisterginny writes:

Sometimes looking something in the eye before slaughtering it might cause a second thought and save the life of the thing in danger of being slaughtered.