Del. Anne Crockett-Stark (R-Wytheville)

Photo of Anne Crockett-Stark
6: Counties of Carroll, Smyth (part), and Wythe
Took Office
January 2006
Left Office
January 2014
Copatroning Habits
79% of bills she has copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 65% of them are Republicans. Of all of her fellow copatrons of the bills that she copatroned, 70% of them are Republicans.
Recent Mentions in the Media

These are all of the video clips of Anne Crockett-Stark’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 65 video clips in all.


  • HB1412: VIEW Program; substance abuse screening and assessment of public assistance recipients.
  • HB1413: Nonresident freshwater fishing license; establishes one-day license to fish inland waters of State.
  • HB1414: Local jails; compensation for cost of incarceration.
  • HB1415: Self-defense and defense of others; encodes version of 'castle doctrine.'
  • HB1416: School buses; exempted weight limits for certain traffic on U.S. Route 52 on Fancy Gap Mountain.
  • HB1667: Alcoholic beverage control; mixed beverage licenses for certain properties in Smyth County.
  • HB1668: Southwestern VA Mental Health Institute; DBHDS authorized to convey real property in Smyth County.
  • HB1669: Southwestern Virginia Training Center; closure prohibited.
  • HB2288: Alcoholic beverage control; mixed beverage licenses for certain properties in Wythe County.
  • HJ616: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Willard Lincoln Lemmon.
  • HJ747: Commending the George Wythe High School football team.
  • HB304: DMV service charge; eliminates fee.
  • HB305: Higher educational institutions; crisis and emergency management plans.
  • HB306: Cemeteries; owner shall publish notice of intent to declare interment rights abandoned in newspaper.
  • HB307: Rural Retreat Lake Park in Wythe County; DGIF to waive facility use permit fee.
  • HB308: Driver's licenses etc.;all issued by DMV that include a photograph must be produced by DMV.
  • HB309: Absentee voting; persons age 65 and older on day of election may vote absentee.
  • HB310: Driver's licenses; applicants may designate insulin-dependent or a hearing or speech impairment.
  • HB311: Bears; Board of Game and Inland Fisheries establishes an open season for hunting.
  • HB594: Virginia Retirement System; general registrars.
  • HB595: Aging services; changes deadlines for submission of four-year plan.
  • HB596: Methamphetamine laboratory; if presence of lab in same place as child, etc. person guilty of felony.
  • HB597: Eminent domain; definitions of lost profits and access.
  • HB598: VIEW; screening and assessment of public assistance recipients for use of illegal substances.
  • HJ98: First Lady Edith Bolling Wilson Day; designating as October 15, 2012, and each succeeding year.
  • HJ99: Commending John Strothers Pearson.
  • HJ230: Wilson, Edith Bolling; General Assembly to recognize Birthplace and Childhood Home in Wythe County.
  • HJ240: Commending Girl Scouts of the United States of America.
  • HR74: Commending Ken Sorenson.
  • HB1449: Methamphetamines; possession of certain substances with intent to manufacture, penalty.
  • HB1450: Pressurized gas dusters; prohibits person from selling, etc., in open displays or unlocked cases.
  • HB1762: Schedule I; adds 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine to list.
  • HB1763: Charter; Town of Rich Creek.
  • HB1764: Mopeds; riders and passengers required to wear helmets.
  • HB1765: Manufactured Home Lot Rental Act; makes several changes regarding obligations imposed on landlord.
  • HB1766: Meth lab; penalty if present in same place as child, mentally incapacitated person, etc.
  • HB1767: Foster care; placement of child through an agreement between parents and local board.
  • HB2015: Charter; Town of Bluefield.
  • HB2413: All-terrain vehicles; allows over-the-road operation at certain locations in Tazewell County.
  • HB2441: Cemeteries; required to publish notice of intent to declare interment rights abandoned in newspaper.
  • HJ515: Constitutional amendment; taking of private property for public uses (first reference).
  • HJ599: Commending Marilyn Garnto.
  • HJ600: Commending Bland County on the occasion of its 150th anniversary.
  • HJ938: Commending Charles Maurice Robinson.
  • HB961: Community College Scholarship Match Program; created.
  • HB1080: Police chaplains; certification.
  • HB1081: Highway rest areas and welcome centers; requires VDOT to reopen all on Interstate Highway System.
  • HB1082: State soil; designates Pamunkey soil as official soil of State.
  • HB1083: Mopeds; prohibits driving on highways with speed limits greater than 45 mph.
  • HB1084: Mopeds; traffic infraction when operator and passenger are not wearing a helmet.
  • HB1085: Manufactured Home Lot Rental Act; lessens several obligations currently imposed on landlord of park.
  • HB1086: Comprehensive services; local match rates for purchase of services shall be consistent.
  • HB1087: Drug recognition experts; law-enforcement officer be trained by Department of Forensic Science.
  • HB1088: Cooperative Coyote Control Program; reestablished.
  • HB1089: Cold War Service Medal; authorizes Adjutant General to issue.
  • HB1090: Communications sales & use tax; net revenue distributed according to each locality's pro rata.
  • HB1091: Major business facility job tax credit; reduces number of employees required in new jobs to qualify.
  • HB1092: Concealed handgun; certain retired law-enforcement officer may carry wherever he travels in State.
  • HB1206: Regional Industrial Facilities Act; method by which member locality of authority may withdraw.
  • HB1298: Retail Sales and Use Tax; lowers job threshold to receive exemption for certain computer equipment.
  • HB1299: Enterprise zone grants; value of qualified investments.
  • HJ118: Constitutional amendment; taking of private property for public use (first reference).
  • HJ122: Children; joint subcommittee to study minimum standards for supervised visitation.
  • HJ202: Commending Catherine S. Webb.
  • HJ247: Commending MINDS WIDE OPEN: Virginia Celebrates Women in the Arts.
  • HB1564: Regional Industrial Facility Authority; provides that Wythe County may withdraw therefrom.
  • HB1915: Line of Duty Act; exempts police department, etc., from requirement to reimburse investigation cost.
  • HB1916: State song; designates Ol Virginia by Daniel K. Lawson to be adopted.
  • HB1917: Transient occupancy tax; Giles County may impose at rate not to exceed 5% to promote tourism.
  • HB1918: Coal combustion by-products; use, reuse, or reclamation in a flood plain.
  • HB1919: Prisoner keep; increases amount locality may charge inmate to defray costs associated therewith.
  • HB1920: Revenue-sharing funds; allows town with populations of no more than 15,000 to use those allocated.
  • HB1921: Criminal Justice Services, Department of; Board to waive fee for licensure & renewal thereof.
  • HB2003: Charter; Town of Pearisburg.
  • HB2004: Firearm silencer; shifts burden of proof that firearm is registered from State to defendant.
  • HB2552: Diploma requirements; Board of Education to include standard credit in economics & personal finance.
  • HB2553: Suspended operators license; forfeiture of motor vehicle for driving therewith.
  • HB2554: State song; designates The Banner Yet Wave written by Frank Pugh to be adopted.
  • HB2630: Law-Enforcement Officers' Privacy Protection Act; allows personal information to be withheld.
  • HB5004: Evidence, testimonial; criminal defendant right to demand testimony of preparer of certificate, etc.
  • HJ679: Children; joint subcommittee to study feasibility of establishing statewide minimum standards.
  • HJ690: Celebrating the life of Staff Sergeant Jesse A. Ault.
  • HJ993: Commending the George Pearis Cemetery Committee.
  • HR59: Celebrating the life of Mary Austin Campbell Hughes.
  • HB514: Fossil fuel combustion products permit; requirements for applicant.
  • HB561: Educational facility staff; training of administration of drugs.
  • HB562: Criminal Justice Services Board; increases membership of Committee on Training.
  • HB563: Criminal Justice Services Board; increases membership.
  • HB564: Fire Prevention Code; fees for inspection, exceptions.
  • HB565: State song; designates 'Carry Me Back to Old Virginia,' by James A. Bland to be adopted.
  • HB566: Literary Fund; distributions.
  • HB567: Sexual offenses; those convicted prohibited entry onto school property.
  • HB568: Tractor-trailer combinations; local ordinances prohibiting use of certain highways.
  • HB569: Registered nurse, professional; local school boards to employ.
  • HB570: Nurses, licensed; local school boards to employ.
  • HB571: Highway systems; revenue-sharing funds for certain counties.
  • HB1449: Higher educational institutions; crisis and emergency management plans.
  • HB1564: Regional Industrial Facility Authority; provides that Wythe County may withdraw therefrom.
  • HB1565: Multicounty/City Transportation District; created.
  • HB1566: Speed limits; grants counties certain powers with regard to setting.
  • HJ357: Commending Joey Goodrich.
  • HJ436: Commending Ahmad Bradshaw.
  • HJ437: Commending the Town of Pearisburg on the occasion of its 200th anniversary.
  • HJ6064: Commending the George Wythe High School boys' basketball team.
  • HB1481: Secondary highway system; rural additions in Wythe County.
  • HB2473: Literary Fund; raises maximum limit for any loan.
  • HB2474: Involuntary commitment; county police department to provide transportation.
  • HB2475: Highway revenue-sharing funds; eliminates four-tier priority system for distributions thereof.
  • HB2476: Secondary highway system; rural additions in Wythe County.
  • HB2477: Police chaplains; certification thereof.
  • HB2478: Wrongful Incarceration Fund; created.
  • HB2479: Nurse, licensed; local school boards to employ for each school.
  • HB2480: Bail bondsman; prohibits use of real property as collateral for a bond.
  • HB2481: Drug first-offender deferral and dismissal consideration; exclusion of certain drugs.
  • HB2482: Antique motor vehicles; removes the 250-mile driving limitation therefor.
  • HB3185: Virginia; designating as official state song.
  • HJ672: Commending Susan W. Evans.
  • HJ674: Celebrating the life of Bettye Katheryn Heldreth Steger.
  • HJ796: Celebrating the life of Thomas A. Bralley, Jr.
  • HJ886: Celebrating the life of Augustus Courtland Spotts III.
  • HB439: Sewage treatment facilities; establishing a governing board.
  • HB440: Integrated Directional Sign Program; VDOT to refund certain monies to localities for signage.
  • HB1409: Domestic Violence Victim Fund; changing name to Sexual and Domestic Violence Victim Fund.
  • HB1481: Secondary highway system; rural additions in Wythe County.
  • HB1525: Vacant buildings; registration thereof in Town of Pulaski.
  • HB5076: Route 99; allocated funds to be used to expand highway within boundaries of Town of Pulaski.
  • HB5077: Bridges in Pulaski County, certain; Transportation Board to allocate certain funds to repair, etc.
  • HB5078: Transportation Board; addition to powers and duties.
  • HB5079: Highway funding; amends law governing revenue-sharing funds.
  • HB5080: Maintenance; definition thereof within Title 33.1.
  • HJ49: Commending the Giles High School football team.
  • HJ199: Study; Wythe County and I-77/I-81; report.
  • HJ200: Study; highway connections between Progress Park and I-77/81; report.
  • HJ363: Celebrating the life of Glynn Carlock, Sr.
  • HJ520: Commending Giles County on the occasion of its bicentennial.
  • HJ5116: Commending the Town of Dublin on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.
  • HJ5161: Celebrating the life of Kenneth Jennings Dobson.