Del. Barry Knight (R-Virginia Beach)

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81: Cities of Chesapeake (part) and Virginia Beach (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2009
Next Election
November 2019
Appropriations, General Laws, Rules
Copatroning Habits
75% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 79% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 62% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
62.5% in 2022

The owner and operator of Barry D. Knight Farms (a hog farm), Knight, his wife, and three children live in Pungo. Knight won his seat in a special election following the resignation of Del. Terrie Suit.

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These are all of the video clips of Barry Knight’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2010. There are 58 video clips in all.


  • HB1400: Budget Bill.
  • HB1840: Eastern Virginia Health Sciences Center; establishing at Old Dominion University.
  • HB1841: Revenue Stabilization Fund and Revenue Reserve Fund; elimination of certain required deposits.
  • HB1842: Virginia Business Ready Sites Acquisition Fund and Program; created.
  • HB1843: Capital outlay plan; updates the six-year capital outlay for projects to be funded.
  • HB2479: Cloud Computing Cluster Infrastructure Grant Fund; created.
  • HJ556: Celebrating the life of Earl Murray Tebault.
  • HJ799: Commending the Creeds Ruritan Club.
  • HJ800: Commending Ruritan National, Inc.
  • HR244: House of Delegates; salaries, contingent and incidental expenses.
  • HR245: Celebrating the life of Robert Halstead DeFord, Jr.
  • HR246: Celebrating the life of Captain William F. Span, USN, Ret.
  • HR247: Celebrating the life of Kennon Caithness Whittle, Jr.
  • HR254: Celebrating the life of Earl Murray Tebault.
  • HR280: Celebrating the life of Grayson Thompson.
  • HB29: Budget Bill.
  • HB30: Budget Bill.
  • HB165: Commonwealth of Virginia Higher Educational Institutions Bond Act of 2022; created.
  • HB166: Capital outlay plan; repeals existing six-year capital outlay for projects to be funded.
  • HB453: Income tax, state; property information and analytics firms, business operations, definitions.
  • HB454: Chesapeake, City of; amending charter, operating budget.
  • HB455: Casino gaming; sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in establishments, etc.
  • HB1353: Virginia Football Stadium Authority; established.
  • HR4: House of Delegates; salaries, contingent and incidental expenses.
  • HR5: Celebrating the life of Frank Clifford Doczi.
  • HR21: Commending Mike Benzel.
  • HB796: Income tax, corporate; sourcing of sales other than sales of tangible personal property.
  • HJ670: Celebrating the life of Robert Preston Midgett II.
  • HJ670: Celebrating the life of Robert Preston Midgett II.
  • HR220: Celebrating the life of Robert S. Miller III.
  • HR231: Commending Robert Raymond Matthias.
  • HR232: Celebrating the life of William Franklin Hudgins III.
  • HR233: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Robert S. Bloxom, Sr.
  • HR234: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Frederick B. Lowe.
  • HR236: Celebrating the life of Nell Simpson Malbon.
  • HR714: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Glenn R. Croshaw.
  • HB4: Lottery Board; regulation and control of casino gaming, definitions.
  • HB51: Line of Duty Act; eligible dependents.
  • HB52: Workers' compensation; occupational disease presumption, emergency medical technicians.
  • HB53: Taxes on income, wills, and administrations; exemption for victims of the Virginia Beach shooting.
  • HB79: Menhaden; VMRC to adopt regulations for managing the Commonwealth's fishery.
  • HB118: Trespass with an unmanned aircraft system; local or state correctional facilities, penalty.
  • HB119: Milk; definition, misbranding product, prohibition.
  • HB120: Virginia Beach Sports or Entertainment Project; extends expiration date of tax incentive, etc.
  • HB164: Jurors; allowances, unclaimed funds, retention by the court for jury operations or expenses.
  • HB166: Hearing notice by localities; timely notice related to planning or zoning matter to newspaper, etc.
  • HB390: Alcoholic beverage control; definitions, license and fee reform.
  • HB505: Zoning appeals, board of; writ of certiorari.
  • HB555: Snow removal and ice control services contracts; certain provisions declared void.
  • HB556: Judicial Retirement System; amount of retirement allowance.
  • HB796: Income tax, corporate; sourcing of sales other than sales of tangible personal property.
  • HB1685: Short-term rentals; no locality shall require a person to register, etc.
  • HJ19: Virginia Beach Strong Act; memorializing the United States Congress to enact.
  • HJ208: Celebrating the life of Louis Clifford Schroeder, Sr.
  • HR1: Celebrating the life of Jean F. Siebert.
  • HR2: Virginia Beach Tragedy Fund; recognizing that Fund is performing an essential government service.
  • HR3: Celebrating the life of William Marshall Gunter.
  • HR21: Celebrating the life of George Dragas, Jr.
  • HR27: Commending the Princess Anne Courthouse Volunteer Rescue Squad.
  • HR28: Celebrating the life of the Honorable George William Vakos.
  • HR53: Commending M.M. Gunter & Son.
  • HR54: Commending Armada Hoffler Properties, Inc.
  • HR56: Commending E.G. Middleton, Inc.
  • HR58: Celebrating the life of the Reverend Walter Allen Whitehurst.
  • HR80: Celebrating the life of Louis Clifford Schroeder, Sr.
  • HR513: Celebrating the life of William Bruce Wingo.
  • HR583: Celebrating the life of Lieutenant Colonel Richard C. Stork, USA, Ret.
  • HR590: Celebrating the life of Gerald P. Domme.
  • HR616: Celebrating the life of Willie Copeland Sessoms.
  • HR623: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Ronald Harris Marks.
  • HR632: Celebrating the life of Angelo Gagliano.
  • HB1636: Unmanned aircraft system; trespass, military airfield or military helicopter landing zone, penalty.
  • HB1637: License plates, special; PROTECT SEA LIFE.
  • HB1725: Public school building security enhancements; compliance with Uniform Statewide Building Code, etc.
  • HB1769: Menhaden; VMRC to adopt regulations for managing the Commonwealth's fishery.
  • HB1770: Alcoholic beverage control; Sunday store hours, distiller commission.
  • HB2364: Agritourism; amends definition relating to wedding venues.
  • HB2365: Land preservation; special assessment, optional limit on annual increase in assessed value.
  • HB2366: Small businesses; changes definition, implementation of certification programs, report.
  • HB2367: Alcoholic beverage control; delivery permittees.
  • HB2368: Sports or entertainment project; City of Va. Beach granted certain powers relating to construction.
  • HB2686: Zoning Appeals, Board of; changes vote requirement.
  • HB2698: Lottery Board; regulation of casino gaming, limited operation, penalties.
  • HB2791: Virginia Personnel Act; appointments, promotion, and tenure based upon merit and fitness.
  • HJ610: Wind tide flooding in the Southern Watershed; Secretary of Natural Resources to study the effects.
  • HJ726: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Kenneth N. Whitehurst, Jr.
  • HR353: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Kenneth N. Whitehurst, Jr.
  • HB214: Overweight permits; vehicles for hauling Virginia-grown farm produce over bridges and culverts.
  • HB215: Teacher licensure; regulations governing licensure.
  • HB820: Alcoholic beverage control; delivery of wine or beer to retail, wholesaler requirement.
  • HB821: Little Island Coast Guard Station; conveyance of certain property in Virginia Beach.
  • HB822: Menhaden; adjusts annual total allowable landings.
  • HB823: Contractors, general; waiver or diminishment of lien rights, subordination of lien rights.
  • HB824: Short-term rentals; local ordinances regulating rentals in Cities of Lexington and Virginia Beach.
  • HB825: Herd shares; written shared herd ownership agreements, regulations, penalty.
  • HB826: Alcoholic beverage control; increases general license application fee.
  • HB1393: Airbow hunting; authorized to hunt deer & small game when hunter is licensed to hunt w/bow & arrow.
  • HB1610: Menhaden; total landings.
  • HJ213: Commending the Princess Anne Courthouse Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad.
  • HB1494: Driver's license; examination of drivers believed incompetent.
  • HB1517: Sandbridge Beach; general permit for sand Subdivision.
  • HB1518: Sales and use tax; automotive repair supplies.
  • HB1519: Overweight permits; hauling Virginia-grown farm produce, validity.
  • HB1520: Reformulated gasoline; sale for farm use.
  • HB1576: Purse net fishing prohibited.
  • HB1577: Management of menhaden.
  • HB1801: Alcoholic beverage control; delivery privileges of persons granted a wine and beer license.
  • HB1810: Retail Sales and Use Tax; online access to certain information.
  • HB1842: Alcoholic beverage control; neutral grain spirits or alcohol sold at government stores.
  • HB2148: Veterans Services Foundation; powers and duties, appointment of Executive Director, report.
  • HB2149: Aircraft; aircraft to be registered with Department of Aviation.
  • HB2374: Charitable gaming; prohibited practices.
  • HB2449: Term limits; members of certain Authorities in City of Chesapeake limited to two terms.
  • HJ560: Commending Hickory High School.
  • HJ561: Celebrating the life of Cary Lee Jarvis.
  • HJ572: Study; regulation of menhaden fishing; report.
  • HJ731: Celebrating the life of Anthony Randolph Cooke.
  • HJ942: Celebrating the life of Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator William Ryan Owens.
  • HR270: Celebrating the life of Captain Arthur C. Derrick, USN, Ret.
  • HR277: Celebrating the life of Theodore Eugene Thieman, Sr.
  • HB114: Agritourism; notice posted on signs to read 'ATTENTION' rather than 'WARNING' at locations.
  • HB115: Agriculture commodity funds; removes authority of General Assembly to disburse unexpended balances.
  • HB116: Jury commissioners; reappointment.
  • HB117: Boats or other watercraft; excess width permits for transporting vehicles.
  • HB127: Real property tax; exemption on residence of spouse of military service member killed in action.
  • HB136: Duck blinds; damaged stationary blinds in Virginia Beach, notification to DGIF.
  • HB137: Feral hogs; employees of DGIF & federal agencies allowed to hunt or kill from aircraft, etc.
  • HB138: Virginia Beach arena; extends an existing contingent sunset provision.
  • HB143: Alcoholic beverage control; neutral grain spirits or alcohol sold at government stores, proof.
  • HB150: Menhaden fishery; VMRC to adopt regulations to implement Interstate Fishery Management Plan.
  • HB151: Purse nets; prohibits fishing for menhaden in certain waters.
  • HB202: Anatomical gifts; search and rescue dog training.
  • HB320: Port-related tax credits; sunset extension.
  • HB321: Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority; powers, employment of attorneys.
  • HB322: Alcoholic beverage control; summary suspension of license in emergency circumstances.
  • HB323: Alcoholic beverage control; purchase and sale of products.
  • HB566: Licensed onsite soil evaluators; changes references in terminology.
  • HB648: Sewage system or nonconforming system; development of procedure for processing requests.
  • HB813: Offshore waters and submerged lands; Commonwealth jurisdiction of three geographical miles.
  • HB1191: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for certain items sold by a sheriff at a correctional facility.
  • HB1245: Judicial Retirement System; mandatory judicial retirement.
  • HB1289: Blind and Vision Impaired, Department for the; contracts for operation of certain vending machines.
  • HJ285: Commending JoAnn Falletta.
  • HJ292: Commending Bruce Biehl.
  • HR33: Celebrating the life of Monsignor William L. Pitt, Jr.
  • HB1794: Foreclosure sale by trustee in execution of deed of trust; advertisement of time-share properties.
  • HB1795: Virginia Real Estate Board; exemptions from licensure.
  • HB1796: Alcoholic beverage control; operation of government store by distiller licensee.
  • HB1797: Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity; definition of small business.
  • HB1798: Fiduciary; qualification without security, issuance of certificates of qualification.
  • HB1804: Onsite sewage systems; validity of certain septic tank permits.
  • HB2072: Forest products; establishes overweight permit for hauling.
  • HB2119: Alcoholic beverage control; improvement of customer service.
  • HB2224: Virginia Racing Commission; authorized to issue significant infrastructure limited license, etc.
  • HB2239: Driver's licensees; administration of driving test to those believed incompetent.
  • HB2248: Virginia Public Procurement Act; purchase of owner-controlled insurance for construction project.
  • HJ603: Higher educational institutions; prevention of sexual violence on campus.
  • HJ729: Commending the Hampton Roads Sanitation District.
  • HJ826: Commending the City of Virginia Beach Department of Agriculture.
  • HJ852: Commending Robin Douglas Davenport.
  • HR195: Commending the Ocean Lakes High School football team.
  • HB184: Auctioneers; exemption from licensure.
  • HB185: Municipal deed; restrictions on certain property in Virginia Beach.
  • HB186: Seized drugs and paraphernalia; forfeiture to law enforcement.
  • HB187: Real and personal property tax exemption; aviation museum.
  • HB188: Jury commissioners; appointment and selection of jurors.
  • HB189: License plates, special; issuance for supporters of Surfrider Foundation.
  • HB487: Fiduciaries; letters of administration, bond without surety.
  • HB907: Accountancy, Board of; licensing requirements.
  • HB909: Channel bass (red drum); repeals an obsolete section restricting taking of bass.
  • HB911: Living shorelines projects; issuance of general permits.
  • HB1051: Constitutional officers; if proposed budget reduces funding of such officer, 14 day written notice.
  • HB1141: Alcoholic beverage control; creates annual arts venue event license.
  • HB1267: Va.Beach arena; if Va. Beach issues bonds for a facility, it shall create an Arena Financing Fund.
  • HJ65: Commending Kempsville Baptist Church.
  • HJ202: Commending Lakeside Construction Corporation.
  • HJ438: Commending Nick Boothe.
  • HJ5005: Celebrating the life of Jack W. Peoples, Sr.
  • HJ5012: Celebrating the life of Marvin Lee Dozier.
  • HJ5215: Commending Swan Island Club.
  • HR564: Commending Major General Daniel E. Long, Jr.
  • HR580: Commending Swan Island Club.
  • HB1547: Cemeteries; minimum tree canopy during development process shall be 10 percent.
  • HB1548: Municipal separate storm sewer (MS4) permittees; guidance documents.
  • HB1629: Eel pots; authorizes Board of Game & Inland Fisheries to issue an annual permit to use in Back Bay.
  • HB1641: Professional and Occupational Regulation, Department of; powers and duties of regulatory boards.
  • HB1755: Charter; Town of Bedford.
  • HB1756: Bedford, City of, reversion; taxation of real property that becomes part of Bedford County.
  • HB1853: Planning, zoning, etc., procedures; local commission shall consult with installation commander.
  • HB1855: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; exempts records of Department of Aviation.
  • HB2069: Seedlings; State Forester to furnish those grown in nurseries to State without expense, etc.
  • HB2209: Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board; powers and duties.
  • HB2265: Cash proffers; locality may waive certain written notice requirements to reduce outstanding payment.
  • HB2308: Local correctional facilities; electronic visitation and messaging with prisoners.
  • HJ596: Celebrating the life of William Lyle Pugh, Sr.
  • HB87: Aircraft; person who projects point of light from laser at an aircraft is guilty of misdemeanor.
  • HB88: Menhaden harvest; removes cap.
  • HB174: Bail bondsmen; requirements for property bail bondsmen, suspension of license.
  • HB175: Duck blinds; limits placement by riparian landowners in Back Bay.
  • HB176: Nutrient credit certification; regulations, Nutrient Trading Act is established, penalty.
  • HB238: Blue crabs; Marine Resources Commission to manage harvesting in Albemarle and Currituck counties.
  • HB239: Forestry, Department of; use of methyl bromide gas fumigation.
  • HB553: Airports, privately owned; duty of care and liability of landowners.
  • HB554: Political subdivisions; Department of Aviation lease approval requirement.
  • HB1252: Construction of structures affecting navigable airspace; technical review.
  • HB1253: Cash proffers; prohibits locality from accepting those purporting to contain waiver of legal rights.
  • HJ10: Commending the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.
  • HJ11: Commending Oak Grove Baptist Church on the occasion of its 250th anniversary.
  • HJ232: Celebrating the life of F. Wayne McLeskey, Jr.
  • HJ434: Celebrating the life of Bishop Barnett Karl Thoroughgood.
  • HJ441: Commending Edward F. Lewis.
  • HJ505: Celebrating the life of J. Curtis Fruit.
  • HB1456: Certificate of public need; authorization of certain amendment.
  • HB1620: Virginia National Defense Industrial Authority; increases membership.
  • HB1621: Open-space land; expands definition.
  • HB1622: Reckless operation of watercraft; includes paddleboards and other self-propelled watercraft.
  • HB1623: Wetlands; requirement of individual or general Virginia Water Protection Permit.
  • HB1624: Environmental Quality, Department of; powers of Executive Director.
  • HB1625: Fumigation facilities; exempted from various state and federal regulations.
  • HB1626: Onsite sewage systems; voluntary upgrades.
  • HB1723: Virginia Marine Resources Commission; permits for encroachment on subaqueous beds.
  • HB1724: Crab dredging season; Virginia Marine Resources Commission to adjust opening or closing dates.
  • HB1725: Virginia Farmland Preservation Fund; created.
  • HB2369: Menhaden; cap on harvesting will be reduced 20 percent annually.
  • HB2370: Multiple-year licenses; Board of Game & Inland Fisheries to issue for hunting, fishing, etc.
  • HJ510: Sovereign immunity; JLARC to study costs incurred by localities resulting from claims, etc.
  • HJ518: Celebrating the life of Private First Class Alvaro R. Regaledo-Sessarego.
  • HJ571: Celebrating the life of Owen Bradford Pickett.
  • HJ739: Celebrating the life of John Alison Baum.
  • HJ906: Commending the Military Aviation Museum.
  • HB81: Jurors; equalizes pay of those in condemnation cases with that of regular jurors.
  • HB82: Public sewer system; locality may adopt ordinance establishing standard for use & services; penalty.
  • HB83: Pawnbrokers; local government may by an ordinance require daily report to be electronically filed.
  • HB381: Motor vehicle titles; exempts special construction and forestry equipment from being titled.
  • HB975: Motor vehicle titles; exempts special construction and forestry equipment from being titled.
  • HB1249: Health Spa Act; clarifies by instituting usage of term facility where services are offered.
  • HB1250: Vested rights; issuance of written order, etc., by zoning administrator regarding use of property.
  • HJ274: Commending Creeds Elementary School on the occasion of its 70th anniversary.
  • HJ320: Commending Helen Dragas.
  • HJ415: Celebrating the life of E. George Middleton, Jr.
  • HJ428: Commending Jack E. Harcourt.
  • HJ471: Commending Kevin Michaels.
  • HB1901: Cavalier Wildlife Management Area; Board of Game & Inland Fisheries to convey certain property.
  • HB2224: Braille; certification of instructors.
  • HB2565: Farmland Preservation, Office of; to provide technical assistance to local governments interested.
  • HB2566: Purchase of land by Department of Forestry; used for nonstate forest purposes.
  • HB2584: Spirits delivery permit; authorizes permittee to purchase spirit from Board and deliver to business.
  • HB2586: Sandbridge Beach Subdivision; Board to determine which structures, etc., are in imminent danger.
  • HB2599: Real Estate Cooperative Act; amendment of declaration, revival of expired declarant rights.
  • HJ918: Commending Reba S. McClanan.
  • HJ988: Commending Macon F. Brock.