Del. Marty Martinez (D-Leesburg)

Photo of Marty Martinez
29: County of Frederick (part); City of Winchester
Took Office
January 2024
Next Election
November 2025
Copatroning Habits
91% of bills they has copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 100% of them are Democrats. Of all of her fellow copatrons of the bills that she copatroned, 75% of them are Democrats.
Bills Passed
14.3% in 2024
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  • HB4: Plastic bag tax; distribution to towns.
  • HB5: Town of Leesburg Parking Authority; created.
  • HB192: Landlord and Tenant Fairness Act; established.
  • HB194: Virginia Military Parents Equal Protection Act; members of Space Force.
  • HB195: Gaming in the Commonwealth; prohibition on use of term 'casino' by non-casino gaming operators.
  • HB209: Organized retail theft; repeals crime and Organized Retail Crime Fund.
  • HB210: Electronic execution of estate planning documents; codifies Uniform Electronic Wills Act.
  • HB211: Higher educational institutions, public; Dept. of Education to audit education preparation programs.
  • HB243: Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission; availability of complaint forms in courthouses.
  • HB244: Protective orders; prohibits parent of a minor from filing a petition for family abuse order, etc.
  • HB295: Protective orders; prohibits parent of a minor from filing a petition for family abuse, etc.
  • HB364: Local government; water-filled fire sprinkler systems.
  • HB365: Regional workforce development and child care initiative; implementation in Southwest Va.
  • HB369: Sexual misconduct policies; SCHEV to convene task force on combating violence, civil penalty.
  • HB370: Employment; annual interactive training and education, harassment and workplace discrimination.
  • HB371: Physicians; informed consent, procedure observation by students or trainees for teaching purposes.
  • HB372: Child Care Implementation and Substitute Employee Pool Grant Program; established.
  • HB470: Minor; petition for child in need of services or supervision.
  • HB471: Uniform Statewide Building Code; multifamily residential housing construction projects.
  • HB1353: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Commission; established, report, sunset provision.
  • HB1354: Cats; prohibition on declawing.
  • HJ408: Commending Bruce Wolff.
  • HJ409: Commending China King's Restaurant.
  • HJ410: Commending Newton-Lee Elementary School.
  • HJ411: Commending the Loudoun Symphony Orchestra.
  • HJ412: Commending Equality Loudoun.
  • HJ413: Commending the Loudoun Free Clinic.
  • HJ414: Commending Josie Stewart.
  • HJ415: Commending Loudoun County Citizens for Social Justice, Inc.
  • HJ416: Commending Mobile Hope.
  • HJ418: Commending Loudoun Hunger Relief.
  • HJ419: Commending The Arc of Loudoun.
  • HJ420: Commending Esmeralda Ortiz.
  • HJ421: Commending Josephine Gonzalez.
  • HJ422: Commending Rachel Yarnell Thompson.
  • HJ423: Celebrating the life of James Elmore Clem.