Del. Gordon Helsel (R-Poquoson)

Photo of Gordon Helsel
91: County of York; Cities of Hampton (part) and Poquoson
Took Office
March 2011
Left Office
January 2020
Copatroning Habits
77% of bills he has copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 56% of them are Republicans. Of all of his fellow copatrons of the bills that he copatroned, 67% of them are Republicans.

A Tidewater native, Gordon Helsel is a Vietnam veteran—he earned two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star—who owned and operated the York Box and Barrel Manufacturing Company until his 2001 retirement. He was the mayor of Poquoson at the time of his election to the General Assembly, a position that he'd held since 1996. He was first elected to the Poquoson Council in 1982. Helsel holds an associate's degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Thomas Nelson Community College. He's married, with two grown sons.

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These are all of the video clips of Gordon Helsel’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2012. There are 18 video clips in all.


  • HB1963: Fort Monroe Authority; changes definition of 'Area of Operation.'
  • HB1964: Freedom of Information Act; Fort Monroe Authority, closed meeting exemption.
  • HB1965: Fort Monroe Authority; payments to the City of Hampton in lieu of real property taxes.
  • HB2632: Veterans Services, Board of; increases membership and clarifies scope of responsibilities.
  • HB2724: Uniform Statewide Building Code; rental inspection districts, etc.
  • HJ910: Commending Technical Sergeant Allyson Denise Winston, USAF.
  • HJ911: Commending Edward D. Fly.
  • HR267: Commending Becky Morrison.
  • HR268: Commending Percy F. Ward, Jr.
  • HR308: Commending Mary-Martha Catlett.
  • HB1410: Language development for children who are deaf or hard of hearing; assessment resources.
  • HB1411: Virginia Fire Services Board; powers and duties.
  • HB1412: Mental health awareness; training for firefighters and emergency medical services personnel.
  • HB1413: Display or parking of used motor vehicles for sale; penalty.
  • HB1488: Marine Resources Commission; oyster dredge, sanctuary area.
  • HR60: Commending Judy F. Wiggins.
  • HR91: Commending Victoria H. Diggs.
  • HR96: Celebrating the life of Everett Hope Jordan, Jr.
  • HR135: Commending Deborah L. Vest.
  • HR181: Commending Boy Scouts of America Troop 31.
  • HB1416: Line of Duty Act; payments to beneficiaries.
  • HB1480: Mental health awareness training; law-enforcement officers, firefighters, and emergency personnel.
  • HB1481: Ordinances relating to fire departments and fire companies; operators of emergency vehicles.
  • HB1496: Oyster planting grounds; Marine Resources Commission to post.
  • HB1506: Vacant developed property; overgrown shrubs and trees.
  • HB1572: Marine Resources Commission; registration as commercial fisherman.
  • HB1573: Fishing privileges; revocation of license by MRC.
  • HB1574: Oyster culling regulation; cargo of oysters shall be scattered on public rocks.
  • HB1575: Oyster dredge; transportation across sanctuary area.
  • HB1956: Prescription drug order; requirements for shipping Schedule VI controlled substances.
  • HB2356: Fort Monroe Authority; increases number of members on Board of Trustees.
  • HJ852: Celebrating the life of Crosby Carroll Forrest.
  • HB288: Disposable plastic shopping bags; local option to prohibit distribution.
  • HB289: Driving in flooded areas; localities may by ordinance prohibit, exception.
  • HB420: Auxiliary grants; regulations adopted by Commissioner of DARS for adult foster care home, etc.
  • HB421: Real property tax; exemptions for military members and their surviving spouses.
  • HB782: Social services, local board of; proceedings against persons liable for support.
  • HB1212: Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan; excludes Chesapeake Bay coastal watershed from Basins.
  • HB1249: York River; scenic and historic designations.
  • HJ231: Commending the Poquoson Fire and Rescue Department.
  • HR90: Commending Elizabeth S. Tai.
  • HR114: Commending Lauren Osborn.
  • HB1847: Public assistance; eligibility determinations.
  • HB2032: Notice to localities and property owner's application for use of bottomland.
  • HJ550: Commending National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
  • HJ629: Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization; signage.
  • HR241: Commending Robert Carter Redman III.
  • HB1049: Regional Criminal Justice Academy Training Fund; local fee.
  • HB1180: Fort Monroe Authority; powers and duties, land and utility ownership.
  • HJ79: Commending Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 63.
  • HJ111: Virginia STEAM Academy; encourages completion and opening of Academy in Hampton.
  • HJ121: Advanced Composites Initiative; encouraging development at historic Langley Research Center.
  • HJ236: Commending Mary McCoy.
  • HJ278: Celebrating the life of Frank J. Ottofaro, Sr.
  • HJ414: Commending Ross Graham.
  • HJ448: Commending the Bodacious Bazaar & Art Festival.
  • HJ449: Celebrating the life of Bobby Gene Tignor.
  • HJ5110: Celebrating the life of Harold Green Jackson.
  • HB1036: Primary elections expenses; local electoral boards authorized to establish procedures.
  • HB1986: Open-end credit plan; establishes requirements for certain loans.
  • HB2191: Court-appointed guardians of incapacitated persons; annual report.
  • HB2192: Court-appointed guardians of incapacitated persons; annual report.
  • HB2222: Appraisal management companies; provision of appraisal services.
  • HJ842: Celebrating the life of Rhys Tyler Ritter.
  • HJ843: Celebrating the life of Sergeant David James Chambers.
  • HB579: Applications for public assistance; may be made electronically.
  • HB580: Fort Monroe Authority Act; declaration of policy, Governor to approve Fort Monroe Master Plan.
  • HB1036: Primary elections expenses; local electoral boards authorized to establish procedures.
  • HJ167: Commending the Poquoson Little League 9 - 10 Baseball All-Star team.
  • HJ168: Commending the Poquoson Little League 10 - 11 Baseball All-Star team.
  • HJ169: Commending the Poquoson Little League 11 - 12 Baseball All-Star team.
  • HJ170: Commending the Poquoson High School football team.
  • HJ314: Commending the work of the Fort Monroe Authority.
  • HJ358: Commending the Rotary Club of Yorktown.
  • HJ376: Commending the work in establishing Fort Monroe National Monument.
  • HJ377: Commending Ray Mingee.
  • HJ5027: Celebrating the life of Susan Bentley Joseph.
  • HR37: Commending Molly Ward.