Del. Jason Ballard (R-Pearisburg)

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12: Counties of Giles, Montgomery (part), and Pulaski (part); City of Radford [map]
Took Office
January 2022
Next Election
November 2019
Counties, Cities and Towns, Courts of Justice, Public Safety
Copatroning Habits
82% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 78% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 73% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
25% in 2022
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  • HB1385: Divorce; affidavit submitted as evidence, minor children of the parties.
  • HB1386: Interlocutory decrees or orders, certain; appeals, report.
  • HB1390: Fires; negligence, recovery of costs of firefighting.
  • HB1434: Student records; name change, court order required.
  • HB1435: Revocation of suspension of sentence and probation; hearing, sentencing.
  • HB1440: Finding of guilt in absentia; proof of such finding in a civil action.
  • HB1441: Tobacco Indemnification & Community Revitalization & Tobacco Region Revolving Funds; eligibility.
  • HB1458: Geriatric prisoners; conditional release.
  • HB1477: Corporations; filing and meeting requirements.
  • HB1478: Crimes by gangs; expands definition, penalties for gang crimes.
  • HB1624: Mental health and rehabilitative services; military serv. members transitioning to civilian life.
  • HB1626: Radford University; reduced rate tuition charges, students who reside in Appalachian region.
  • HB1892: Abduction of a minor; penalty.
  • HB2030: School boards; policies or regulations for enrollment of nonresident students, report.
  • HB2449: Concealed handgun permits; Virginia Criminal Information Network, disclosure of information.
  • HJ464: State Route 100; Dept. of Transportation to study feasibility of widening in Giles County, etc.
  • HJ641: Celebrating the life of Elizabeth Lewis Beamer.
  • HJ759: Commending Colonel D
  • HR343: Commending the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University men's basketball team.
  • HR353: Commending the Radford University women's soccer team.
  • HR472: Commending the Blacksburg Fire Department on its 100th Anniversary.
  • HR473: Commending Virginia's Rail Heritage Region in the Commonwealth.
  • HR488: Commending the Blacksburg Volunteer Fire Department.
  • HR491: Commending Jackie Martin.
  • HB405: Business park electric transmission infrastructure pilot program; location of qualifying projects.
  • HB409: Statute of limitations; promises not to plead.
  • HB411: Military personnel; free admittance to state parks, museums, and cultural institutions.
  • HB415: Criminal cases; sentencing by jury.
  • HB417: Concealed weapons; permit not required for members of the United States Armed Forces.
  • HB794: Criminal proceedings; evidence of defendant's mental condition.
  • HB1096: Law-enforcement officers; exemption from prohibition on carrying firearms, etc., in Capitol Square.
  • HB1235: Geriatric prisoners; conditional release.
  • HJ41: Commending Michael E. Karmis.
  • HJ66: Constitutional amendment; limitations on power of the General Assembly, parole.
  • HJ235: Commending Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
  • HJ273: Celebrating the life of Hubert Clayton Davis.
  • HJ274: Celebrating the life of Larry Benton Day, Sr.
  • HJ311: Celebrating the life of Wallace Jay Nelson, Jr.
  • HR36: Commending the Blacksburg High School boys' swim and dive team.
  • HR37: Commending the Blacksburg High School girls' swim and dive team.
  • HR38: Commending the Giles High School girls' volleyball team.
  • HR144: Commending the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University women's track and field team.
  • HR145: Commending the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University men's track and field team.
  • HR146: Commending Anthony S. Wilson.