Del. Kannan Srinivasan (D-Loudoun)

Photo of Kannan Srinivasan
26: County of Loudoun (part)
Took Office
January 2024
Next Election
November 2025
Copatroning Habits
90% of bills he has copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 57% of them are Democrats. Of all of his fellow copatrons of the bills that he copatroned, 74% of them are Democrats.
Bills Passed
17.6% in 2024
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From the Legislator’s Website


  • HB899: Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government, etc.; deadline for public disclosure.
  • HB900: Zoning; developmental and use of accessory dwelling units.
  • HB901: Interlocutory ruling, order, or action; motion to reconsider.
  • HB902: Health insurance; coverage for contraceptive drugs and devices.
  • HB903: Health insurance; cost-sharing requirements for the treatment of cancer.
  • HB910: Data centers; energy usage.
  • HB915: Highway Corporation Act of 1988; quarterly reports.
  • HB916: Substantial Risk Order Reporting System; established.
  • HB919: School boards; model memorandum of understanding, partnerships with certain mental health services.
  • HB921: Health insurance; cost sharing for breast examinations.
  • HB923: Dulles Toll Road & Dulles Greenway; DOT to review tolls, fines, and penalties.
  • HB924: Transportation network companies; publishing & disclosure requirements.
  • HB1347: Health insurance; coverage for autism spectrum disorder, cost-sharing requirements prohibited.
  • HB1408: Voter satellite offices; standards and guidelines for determining number and location.
  • HB1510: Toll-relief programs; low-income residents.
  • HB1515: Discovery; electronic means.
  • HB1519: Virginia Consumer Protection Act; fees for electronic fund transfers, prohibited.
  • HJ41: Fentanyl crisis; Joint Commission on Health Care to study policy solutions.
  • HR133: Commending Anna Sudha Community Kitchens.
  • HR319: Commending Friends of Homeless Animals.
  • HR337: Commending the Loudoun Laurels.
  • HR358: Commending the NRI Vasavi Association, USA.
  • HR359: Commending the Washington Metropolitan Cricket Board.
  • HR360: Commending the Global Telangana Association.
  • HR368: Commending SiliconAndhra ManaBadi.
  • HR375: Commending the Honorable Kathleen J. Murphy.
  • HR376: Commending Rural Empowerment.
  • HR417: Commending BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir.
  • HR427: Commending the All Dulles Area Muslim Society Compassionate Healthcare Network.
  • HR428: Commending Volunteering Together for Service.
  • HR429: Commending the Tamil Nadu Foundation.
  • HR441: Commending Jyothi Raghavan.
  • HR446: Commending Sangamam Tamil School.