Del. Margaret Ransone (R-Kinsale)

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99: Counties of Caroline (part), King George, Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland [map]
Took Office
January 2012
Next Election
November 2019
Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources, Labor and Commerce, Courts of Justice, Privileges and Elections, Rules
Copatroning Habits
80% of bills she copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 92% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that she also copatroned, 66% of them are Republicans.
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37.5% in 2022
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These are all of the video clips of Margaret Ransone’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2012. There are 31 video clips in all.


  • HB1678: White Stone, Town of; amending charter, municipal elections.
  • HB1679: Kilmarnock, Town of; amending charter, November municipal elections.
  • HB1680: Voter registration; registration after the close of registration records, required affirmation.
  • HB1683: Voter registration; final day of registration, notice requirements.
  • HB1792: Temp. detention in hospital; testing, etc., mental/physical condition resulting from intoxication.
  • HB1793: Voter registration through the Department of Motor Vehicles; optional transmission of information.
  • HB2264: Education, Dept. of; development of written guidance for comprehensive school counseling program.
  • HB2266: Absentee ballot; SB to adopt policy regarding counting, etc., in a central absentee voter precinct.
  • HJ643: Commending the Honorable Robert H. Brink.
  • HJ670: Commending Michael J. Oesterling.
  • HB163: Emergency custody and temporary detention; governing transportation & custody of minors and adults.
  • HB164: Colonial Beach, Town of; amending charter, appointment of chief of police.
  • HB167: Localities; publication of notice in newspaper.
  • HB181: Criminal records; sealing of records.
  • HB185: Voter registration; registration permitted up to and including the day of the election.
  • HB195: Polling places; location requirements, waiver in certain circumstances.
  • HB247: Grand larceny and certain property crimes; decreases threshold amount, penalty.
  • HB305: Elections; appointment of Commissioner of Elections, membership of Board, effective date.
  • HB308: School principals; incident reports.
  • HB310: Absentee voting; application requirements, absentee ballot requirements.
  • HB1034: School boards; guidelines for the provision of counseling services in public schools.
  • HB1102: Gubernatorial appointments to boards; membership and terms.
  • HB1175: Snare traps; prohibition.
  • HB1176: Snare traps; prohibits use of traps to hunt or kill game animals.
  • HB1191: Marcus alert system; participation in the system is optional for localities, etc.
  • HB1215: Public middle schools; physical education to include personal safety training.
  • HJ43: Commending amateur radio operators in Virginia.
  • HJ68: Commending Loren Messick LaPorte.
  • HJ113: Celebrating the life of Ferdinand C. Dugan III.
  • HJ230: Commending Karen F. Stuber.
  • HJ290: Commending Carroll Ashburn and Demetrius Means.
  • HJ292: Commending the Fairfields Volunteer Fire Department.
  • HJ394: Celebrating the life of Geraldine Doris White.
  • HB2114: Public hearings; notice submitted by localities to newspapers.
  • HB2115: Absentee voting; definition of postmark, legibility requirement.
  • HB2255: Local election officials; public availability of instructions and guidance.
  • HB2267: Local electoral boards and general registrar; disclosure of certain gifts and funding.
  • HB950: Professional and Occupational Regulation, Department of; cemeteries, exemptions.
  • HB951: Mutual assessment property and casualty insurers; notice by electronic delivery.
  • HB5110: COVID-19 virus; immunity from civil claims related to the transmission of or exposure to the virus.
  • HJ135: Commending King George County.
  • HJ141: Commending Elnora F. Tompkins
  • HJ146: Commending United We Light: Project Bolivia.
  • HJ368: Commending Derwin Booker.
  • HB777: Emergency air medical transportation; informed decision.
  • HB1620: Elections, State Board of; membership, appointment of Commissioner of Elections.
  • HB1640: Health carriers; services provided by nurse practitioners.
  • HB1787: Students; offenses reportable by juvenile intake officers to school division superintendents.
  • HB1788: Virginia Public Records Act; implementation in local school divisions, recommendations.
  • HB1874: Cruelty to animals; increases penalty.
  • HB1875: Northern Neck Ginger Ale; designating as the official soft drink of the Commonwealth.
  • HB1895: Irvington, Town of; amending charter, updates the town's boundary description, etc.
  • HB2038: Extended service contract providers; bonding requirement, remedies, civil penalty.
  • HB2107: Public schools; parental review of certain anti-bullying and suicide prevention materials.
  • HB2623: Public schools; counseling services, parental rights.
  • HB2624: Voluntary boundary; agreement between Counties of Caroline and Essex.
  • HB2658: Stationary blinds in the public waters; minimum distance from shore.
  • HB2661: Saltwater recreational fishing license; exceptions, commercial license holder.
  • HJ619: Celebrating the life of Master Sergeant Edward Colston Newton V, USA.
  • HJ637: Commending Elizabeth Crowther.
  • HJ638: Celebrating the life of Joan Albert Lawler.
  • HJ691: Celebrating the life of the Honorable John Maston Davis.
  • HJ725: Commending Steve Dempsey.
  • HJ731: Celebrating the life of William Holt Kling, Sr.
  • HJ786: Commending Northern Neck Ginger Ale.
  • HR312: Commending Helen Turner Murphy and W. Tayloe Murphy, Jr.
  • HB684: Highways, certain; maximum speed limits.
  • HB685: Cybersecurity Student Loan Repayment Grant Program; established, report.
  • HB686: Unclaimed property; deposits and funds with financial institutions, charges and interest.
  • HB777: Emergency air medical transportation; informed decision.
  • HB778: Air medical transportation; informed decision.
  • HB1404: Snakehead fish; certified restaurants and retail markets.
  • HB1405: Elections, State Board of; increases membership and terms appointment of Commissioner of Elections.
  • HB1491: Marine Resources Commission; conveyance of easement and rights-of-way across Rappahannock River.
  • HJ133: Commending sheriffs' deputies in Virginia.
  • HJ136: Commending Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division.
  • HJ143: Commending Colonial Beach Elementary School.
  • HJ253: Celebrating the life of Robert Lee Stephens, Jr.
  • HB1725: Driving in the left lane on highways laned for traffic.
  • HB1726: Disarming a law-enforcement officer; penalty.
  • HB1727: State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act; school boards and school board employees.
  • HB1728: Air transportation services providers; VDH to review rules for use in medical situations.
  • HB1729: Charter; Town of Port Royal.
  • HB1730: Electoral boards, local; description of duties and responsibilities, required affirmation.
  • HB1731: Joint Commission on Administrative Rules; periodic review of exemptions.
  • HB1844: Supreme Court of Virginia; Executive Secretary to maintain case information system.
  • HB2313: Courthouses; county removal.
  • HB2358: Water utilities; suspension of proposed rate increases.
  • HJ614: Study; Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to study Virginia Administrative Process Act.
  • HJ1064: Celebrating the life of Josh Hardy.
  • HJ1084: Commending the first responders to the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula tornado.
  • HB898: Administrative Process Act; contents of economic impact statements.
  • HB1140: Subdivision plats; approval before recordation.
  • HJ164: Commending Ronnie D. Crockett.
  • HJ165: Commending Kenny Eades.
  • HJ166: Commending the Reverend Leon Webster Baylor, Sr.
  • HJ167: Commending Chuck Wilkins.
  • HJ168: Commending Joe Grzeika.
  • HJ253: Commending Dale W. Sisson, Jr.
  • HJ269: Celebrating the life of Maxie Lee Broaddus.
  • HJ281: Commemorating the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Leedstown Resolutions.
  • HJ309: Commending Mount Zion Baptist Church.
  • HB1748: Accidents; reports maintained by DMV.
  • HB1749: Expungement of protective orders.
  • HB1750: Investigational drugs; expanded access.
  • HB1751: Administrative Process Act; certain review by Joint Commission on Administrative Rules, report.
  • HB2207: Broadband Advisory Council; increases membership.
  • HB2240: Blue catfish; introduction, stocking, and release of Blue catfish, exception.
  • HB2392: Harvester's license, special nonresident; fee and oath, revocation, penalty.
  • HJ589: Celebrating the life of Samuel Bryan Chandler.
  • HJ593: Losing Loved Ones in a Tragic Accident Month; designating as August 2015, and each year thereafter.
  • HJ693: Tax Withholding and Employer Contribution Awareness Month; designating as March 2016.
  • HJ704: Celebrating the life of R. David O'Dell, Jr.
  • HJ735: Commending Doug Bryant.
  • HB648: Oyster measures; reduces minimum size of container by which oysters in shell may be bought or sold.
  • HB649: Stormwater management program; regulations, single-family residence.
  • HB650: Boating safety course; persons who possess valid Va. seafood landing license, etc., exempted.
  • HB698: Campus police and school security officers; assault and battery, penalty.
  • HB1092: Oyster grounds; condemnation.
  • HJ80: Commending Thomas O. Lewis, Jr.
  • HJ81: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Walther Balderson Fidler.
  • HJ82: Celebrating the life of Ruth Jones Herrink.
  • HJ266: Commending William D. Henderson, Jr.
  • HJ5070: Commending Captain Peter R. Nette.
  • HJ5166: Commending the Cople Elementary School Problem Solvers team.
  • HJ5171: Commending the Richmond County Senior League All-Star Softball Team.
  • HR156: Commending Dr. James R. Prince.
  • HR157: Commending Christina Dempsey.
  • HR159: Celebrating the life of Abigail Randi-Mae Cullen.
  • HB149: Income tax, corporate; lower rate for certain businesses.
  • HB1390: Charter; Town of Kilmarnock.
  • HB1400: Oyster replenishment tax; penalties.
  • HB1411: Hoax explosive devices; imitation weapons of terrorism, increased penalties.
  • HB1648: Low-income and disabled customers; discounted fees and charges for certain.
  • HB1707: Unemployment compensation; notices of penalties for fraudulent claims for benefits, etc.
  • HB1805: Saltwater recreational fishing; allows State residents 65 and older to purchase lifetime license.
  • HB2346: Lock-down drills; every public school is required to have at least two practices per year, etc.
  • HJ633: Commending the Special Olympics Virginia Area 28 soccer team.
  • HJ655: Celebrating the life of Robert Ferrell Mothershead.
  • HJ707: Commending Greg Moffitt.
  • HJ737: Commending the King George Ruritan Club.
  • HJ855: Celebrating the life of Luther Everette Welch.
  • HB148: Unemployment benefits; each applicant, for eligibility, to provide VEC results of a drug test.
  • HB149: Income tax, corporate; lower rate for certain businesses.
  • HB150: Conservation police officers; Board to adopt regulations prohibiting hunting in certain areas.
  • HB395: Line of Duty Act; expeditious payment for burial expense for person whose death is in line of duty.
  • HB995: Forestry, Department of; limits payments from timber sales to localities.
  • HB996: Minority Business Enterprise, Department of; authorizes electronic certification process.
  • HB997: Public assistance; written and oral information to applicant.
  • HB998: Farm stores; exempts stores that are owned and operated by farmer from State inspection.
  • HJ69: Celebrating the life of Adam Maynard Bowen.
  • HJ70: Celebrating the life of Ronald Dare Hundley.
  • HJ405: Commending Frances W. Porter.
  • HJ485: Celebrating the life of J. Clifford Hutt.
  • HJ486: Commending Billy Sydnor.
  • HJ5006: Commending the Lancaster High School boys' basketball team.
  • HR519: Commending the King George High School Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps rifle team.