Del. Sal Iaquinto (R-Virginia Beach)

Photo of Sal Iaquinto
84: City of Virginia Beach (part)
Took Office
January 2006
Left Office
January 2014
Copatroning Habits
80% of bills he has copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 80% of them are Republicans. Of all of his fellow copatrons of the bills that he copatroned, 67% of them are Republicans.

When the General Assembly is not in session, mail should be directed to P.O. Box 56437, Virginia Beach, VA 23456, rather than the district office's physical location.

Recent Mentions in the Media

These are all of the video clips of Sal Iaquinto’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 103 video clips in all.


  • HB280: Deeds; affidavit by an attorney involved in transaction may be used in correcting errors.
  • HB483: Real property tax; concerning validity of valuation of property, etc.
  • HB1483: District court; record on appeal.
  • HB1545: Medical malpractice; expert witness certification, court may conduct an in camera review.
  • HB1549: Divorce; temporary orders concerning life insurance.
  • HB1550: Gang-free zones; adds school bus stops to list of places.
  • HB1687: Real property tax; increases in assessed value for prior years.
  • HB1703: Municipal deed; restrictions on certain property in Virginia Beach.
  • HB1714: District court or circuit court clerk; records sent to DMV.
  • HB1715: Circuit court clerks; electronic filing and records, remote access.
  • HB1716: Circuit court clerks; allowed to establish and maintain their own case management systems, etc.
  • HB1821: Child Pornography Images Registry; exemptions from disclosure, etc.
  • HB278: Bonds in recognizances; how payable.
  • HB279: DUI ignition interlock; required on first offense as a condition of a restricted license.
  • HB280: Deeds; affidavit by an attorney involved in transaction may be used in correcting errors.
  • HB281: Shoplifting and employee theft; civil action.
  • HB282: Divorce or annulment; revocation of death benefits.
  • HB283: Divorce; ordered to maintain life insurance policy.
  • HB284: District court; appeal of judgment in civil case to circuit court.
  • HB285: Foreign adoption; procedure to obtain State certificate of birth.
  • HB286: Garnishment, previous; allows costs incurred by judgment creditor are chargeable to judgment debtor.
  • HB287: Gang-free zones; expansion of zone areas.
  • HB481: State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act; disclosure forms.
  • HB482: Circuit court clerks; technology fee.
  • HB483: Real property tax; concerning validity of valuation of property, etc.
  • HB484: Court records; secure remote access to records includes locating technology to offsite facility.
  • HB635: Equitable distribution; change of venue.
  • HB636: Virginia Law Officers' Retirement System; adds attorneys for State and their assistants as members.
  • HB637: Grievance procedure; eliminates certain steps.
  • HB1147: Garnishment; venue, garnishment without judgement debtor's social security number.
  • HJ111: Court of Appeals of Virginia; Judicial Council of Virginia to study jurisdictional capacity.
  • HJ151: Commending the Plaza Volunteer Rescue Squad.
  • HJ454: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Glenn Brooks McClanan, Sr.
  • HR72: Celebrating the life of Kenneth Vincent Geroe.
  • HB1587: Business license incentive program; Cities of Va. Beach & Chesapeake may establish for businesses.
  • HB1588: Real property tax assessments; appeals.
  • HB1589: DUI ignition interlock; limitations on driver convicted of DUI.
  • HB1590: Jurisdictional limits of courts; increases maximum civil limit of general district courts.
  • HB1591: DUI breath test certificates; notice is to be provided to clerk of court under certain time frame.
  • HB1592: Public procurement; state agencies to put requests for bids, etc., on DGS' website.
  • HB1593: Court-ordered disclosure of electronic communication service records; sealing of order.
  • HB1594: Virginia Law Officers' Retirement System; adds attorneys for State, etc., as members.
  • HB1595: Public Procurement Act; procurement of professional services by local public bodies.
  • HB1596: Gang-free zones; expanded to include any school bus stop or public buildings, etc.
  • HB2157: Foreign adoptions; eliminates requirement for re-adoption in State.
  • HB2158: Bonds; in criminal or juvenile cases shall be payable to county, etc., where recognizance taken.
  • HB2159: Electric utility service; termination of service of customers with a serious medical condition.
  • HB2160: Implied warranties; allows vendee to give notice of breach to vendor by hand delivery.
  • HB2161: Eminent domain; condemnor is required to provide an appraisal to owner of condemned property.
  • HB567: Public Procurement Act; state-aid construction projects.
  • HB568: Capital murder; notice to State of expert testimony 60 days before trial.
  • HB569: Juveniles; adds specific offenses to provisions of transfer statute requiring preliminary hearing.
  • HB570: Real property tax assessments; appeals.
  • HB571: Accessories after the fact; increased to Class 6 felony for person guilty in capital murder case.
  • HB572: District court; procedure for assumption of duties of chief judge.
  • HB1151: Concealed weapon; prohibits a person from carrying a concealed butterfly knife.
  • HB1197: DUI ignition interlock; required to have on first offense as a condition of a restricted license.
  • HB1198: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; Department to give notice to committed respondent.
  • HB1199: Waiver of certain graduation requirements; Board of Education to provide only for good cause.
  • HB1253: Release on recognizance; accused shall be released on his own by a judicial officer.
  • HB1254: DUI arrestee; arresting officer may transfer custody to another officer.
  • HB1255: Bail bondsman; provided copy of criminal history information.
  • HB953: Abuse or neglect proceedings; videotaped statement.
  • HB2035: Life expectancy table; changes table's figures that represent continued life expectancy.
  • HB2036: Vehicle safety inspections; no issuance of inspection sticker for vehicle with tires 10 years old.
  • HB2037: Debt Collection Recovery Fund; established.
  • HB2038: Judgments; limitations on enforcement of certain.
  • HB2039: Consumer Protection Act; prohibited practice to sell, etc., a children's recalled product.
  • HB2040: Real Estate Board; compensation to referring attorneys prohibited, exception.
  • HB2041: Ignition interlock limitations; person convicted of DUI required to have device on first offense.
  • HB2498: Assault and battery; authority to defer and dismiss against family or household member.
  • HB2532: Reimbursement of expenses in DUI incidents; locality entitled to restitution from person convicted.
  • HB2615: Public Procurement Act; increases amount for single or term contracts for professional services.
  • HB5010: Claims; Arthur Lee Whitfield.
  • HB945: Court of Appeals; en banc hearings.
  • HB946: Adoption; period of validity of home study.
  • HB947: Homeowners foreclosure protection; Attorney General may enforce violations.
  • HB948: Community services board employees; legal fees and expenses.
  • HB949: Slayer statute; insurance company not liable for policies acquired by slayer of decedent.
  • HB950: Uniform Power of Attorney Act; established.
  • HB951: Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act; created.
  • HB952: Insanity plea; time period for notice.
  • HB953: Abuse or neglect proceedings; videotaped statement.
  • HB1382: Social Services, Department of; nonattorney employees to complete, sign, and file petitions, etc.
  • HB1442: Ignition interlock limitations; persons with restricted license not to operate certain vehicles.
  • HJ232: Memorial resolution; Edward Lee Andrews, Jr.
  • HJ324: Commending Melanie Norris.
  • HB2517: Child abuse or neglect; criminal history records check on individuals being investigated.
  • HB2518: Driver's licenses; DMV not to issues to persons convicted of DUI unless proof of vehicle insurance.
  • HB2519: Retirement System; certain conditions apply when hiring retirees into covered positions.
  • HB2520: Health records privacy; creates exceptions to disclose records to law-enforcement officers.
  • HB2521: Failure to serve process; court may dismiss action if process has not been served within one year.
  • HB2522: Branch Pilots, Board of; limited branch pilot license.
  • HB2523: Child Fatality Review Team; Chief Medical Examiner to obtain/review presentence reports.
  • HB2524: Gangs; definition of predicate criminal act to determine membership therein.
  • HB2525: Spay and Neuter Fund; voluntary contributions of tax refunds are distributed therein.
  • HB2526: Firearms; crime to knowingly possess while in unlawful possession of controlled substance, etc.
  • HB2527: Government Data Collection and Dissemination Practices Act; rights of data subjects.
  • HB2528: Garnishment; exemption of child support payments therefrom.
  • HB2529: Juvenile and domestic relations district courts; use of depositions before.
  • HB2530: Psychiatric Inpatient Treatment of Minors Act; certain judges, etc., authorized to perform hearings.
  • HB2829: Doctrine of worthier title; abolished.
  • HB3098: Ignition interlock; installation in vehicle, and loss of restricted license.
  • HB3099: Circuit courts; establishes business case divisions therein.
  • HB3151: First Landing State Park; Department of Conservation to lease certain land therein.
  • HJ80: Constitutional amendment; Transportation Funds (first reference).
  • HJ679: Constitutional amendment; Transportation Fund, Transportation Trust Fund, etc. (first reference).
  • HJ875: Celebrating the life of Deputy William Henry Tiedeman, Jr.
  • HJ880: Commending Regent University School of Law's Trial Advocacy Board competition team.
  • HR78: Commending the Regent University School of Law's negotiation competition team.
  • HB736: Reckless driving; exceeding speed limit.
  • HB737: Marijuana; deprives juvenile convicted of possession privilege to drive for one year.
  • HB738: Little League Baseball Challenger Week; designating as first full wk of May preceeding Mother's Day.
  • HB739: Driver's licenses; persons convicted of DUI must have motor vehicle liability insurance.
  • HB901: Gangs; person on probation prohibited from any contact.
  • HB902: Eminent domain; definition of public uses.
  • HB903: Parental rights; court to determine custody arrangement thereof when convicted of certain offenses.
  • HB904: Assault and battery; penalty when committed against certain judicial persons.
  • HB1278: Eminent domain; public uses shall not include taking of private property for tax revenue.
  • HB1424: Service of process; failure to serve defendant.
  • HJ80: Constitutional amendment; Transportation Funds (first reference).
  • HJ360: Commending Charles G. Barker.
  • HJ415: Commending Regent University School of Law's Trial Advocacy Board competition team.
  • HJ426: Commending the Landstown High School football team.
  • HJ450: Commending Little League Baseball Challenger Week in Virginia.